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2012 Message from CCF's Founder:
Master Wentworth Small

Welcome to Chang Chuan Fa (CCF), 2012.
We continue to offer and invite the public to experience our unique, practical and effective martial arts system with great success. People who try the system are fascinated with the ease of learning the system due to effective and well thought out instruction. The system has shown itself to be a complete and effective self defense system, through which anyone that practices it can also accomplish their fitness goals. Through word of mouth we continue to experience strong growth, attracting new students weekly at all of our locations both in New York, USA and Toronto Canada.

We invite you to contact a CCF location near you and ask about a try out session. All are welcomed if you are in good health (Talk to your health care provider before attempting this program).

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Recent CCF Accomplishment:
CCF and its practitioners have achieved many of the goals & objectives that we had set for ourselves in 2009/2010. Many of our members have achieved their personal goals have been promoted. Now in 2012 we set ourselves new goals and are working very hard to accomplish them.

  • CCF Senior Instructor, Toronto Canada, Master Kai Camara the newly promoted regional examiner, continues to be a consistently successful instructor. He continues to recruit, train and promote new members with members projected to achieve their Black Belts in 2013.
  • Master Small, has partnered with the Department of New York Public Libraries, USA, to offer CCF Martial Arts in three of their branches in
  • Upper Manhattan and Harlem, New York. More branches are expected to come online later in 2012.
  • We continue our partnership with The Ramapo Athletic Training Center (RATC) Fitness and Weight Training organization in Rockland, NY
  • Our Toronto East, Black Belts, Radcliff Francis and Oral Hamilton are in the process of establishing classes in Toronto Eastside.
  • CCF Senior Instructor, Toronto Canada, Master Kai Camara continues to be our most consistently successful instructor and newly promoted regional examiner. He continues to recruit, train and promote new members.
  • Instructor Paul Joseph has been engaged to roll out a CCF afterschool Martial Arts program in Regent Park, downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Our two well respected, experienced, NY, Black Belts Mark Shustak, 2nd Degree & Stan Alpert, 1st Degree Black Belt and I are in the process of rolling out a Martial Arts fitness program at the Moti Horenstein Dojo, in Rockland County, NY in June 2012. Stay tuned details to come!

In Closing:
We will continue to build on these past successes during the coming year.
Our goals continue to be to build a martial arts organization that promotes and delivers effective, enjoyable and affordable martial arts to all communities for the betterment of our students and those communities.

  • Chang Ch'uan Fa is a community based, diverse & family oriented organization
  • Our mission is to better the communities we serve by developing the human potential of every man, woman and child through the practice of the martial arts
  • Over the past thirty years we have partnered with & continue to
    serve communities in New York and Connecticut, USA, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Toronto Canada.

We continue our commitment to provide high quality and high value martial arts programming within communities.

We welcome, appreciate and value the support and assistance of any/all legitimate community support organizations to help us to achieve our mission. We believe in strong partnerships.*

*We continue to seek and welcome parental Involvement. We hope to establish parent advisory boards in all of our regions.

Together we can make 2012 great for Chang Ch’uan Fa, its members and supporters. Thank-you all for your continued support.

We look to the future for progress but draw from the past for inspiration as we move forward. I hope these words offer you some insight as you move on your journey towards perfection.

Feel free to explore and enjoy our website, hope the information here helps and inspires you.

"I wish all wealth, harmony, prosperity, wisdom and success in all your endeavors in 2012 and beyond".


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