Chang Ch’uan Fa - Chinese Martial Arts (Chinese Kickboxing)

class picA brief history:
Chinese martial arts now exists in many forms, many of which are mere physical pastime or make believe, too incomplete to be considered effective self-defense systems, others lack the modern scientific approach to physical training. Chinese Boxing (or, to use the present-day terminology), Chinese Kickboxing had been practiced by the Chinese for many thousands of years and was the culmination and wisdom of the ancient Chinese to react, to their vital military and survival requirements. The now world famous Shaolin Temple in China played a significant part in the development and global spread and reputation of Chinese Kickboxing.

What is Chinese Kickboxing?
Chinese Kickboxing is the forerunner of all other forms of martial arts in the East. It is commonly known in the West as practical “Kung Fu”. Chinese Kickboxing is the oldest name used by Westerners to describe the systematic and effective Chinese art of self-defense. Chinese Kickboxing is a traditional martial arts system that aims to progressively train the body and mind to achieve positive health results while acquiring effective self defense skills.

Chang Ch’uan Fa (CCF) versus Kung Fu:
Some people are more familiar with the term Kung Fu rather than Chinese Kickboxing. Although these terms appear to describe more or less the same things, Kung Fu (correctly translated actually means “skill over time”) usually refers to the showy, flowery and mostly demonstration type of Chinese martial arts as seen on TV and in the movies. Some practitioners liken Kung Fu to fireworks for display but equate Chinese Kickboxing to dynamite. Where Kung Fu is a dynamic but dance-like demonstrative art, Chang Ch’uan Fa (Chinese Kickboxing) is a system that promotes and practices only real martial art for fitness and effective self-defense.

pablo's classChang Ch’uan Fa “The Long Fist Chinese Kickboxing System”:
The name Chang Ch’uan Fa means the following: Chang = Long; Ch’uan = Fist; Fa = Boxing/Arts. The unique Chang Ch’uan Fa Martial Arts System was founded by Sifu Wentworth Small, the systems Senior Master Instructor and Examiner. After attaining the rank of 5th Dan/Degree Black Belt he established the system based on his over 35 years of the accumulated knowledge, gained through personal exposure to (also studying, practicing and instructing), some of the best martial styles. Chang Ch’uan Fa is a unique modern blend of styles such as Muay Thai, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Karate, Western Boxing, to name a few. The Chang Ch’uan Fa - Chinese Kickboxing system is the art of total self-defense.

Chang Ch’uan Fa’s Unique Training System:
Through many years of intense study and dedicated hard training, we have collected (not invented) traditional principles and techniques, discarded the impractical, repetitive and ineffective ones and ended up with what we proudly call the Chang Ch’uan Fa training system. The training system is an organized progressive process. We applied proven, effective, systematic scientific training principles in order to make the system suitable for all ages, all genders to safely practice. This combination of tried and tested ancient techniques blended with vital modern scientific know-how is what makes the Chang Ch’uan Fa's training system a truly unique, comprehensive and practical training system. Weapons training is also provided but only to the more advanced students who demonstrate their mastery of the fundamentals.

Chang Ch’uan Fa Instructors:
All Chang Ch’uan Fa instructors are highly trained black belt holders. Everyone is very welcomed to attend one of our official classes to learn our system, under the watchful eyes of Chang Ch’uan Fa’s very qualified instructors, without concern for their health or safety. Be aware protect yourself from unqualified instructors. If in doubt, please check with us. Everyone can benefit from competent instruction, beware of imitators.

About our founder Sifu Small:
Sifu Small has over 30 years, of international teaching experience. In 1973 he began training with a world famous UK based Grand Master who founded & still continues to teach his style of Chuan/Wu Shu. He attained the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt, in 1975, in London England. During that time he also trained with Master Donald Nurse in Shaolin Fighting Kung Fu & Sifu Douglas in Wing Chun, Kung Fu. That same year he immigrated to Canada and established the UK based Wu Shu style in Toronto, Canada.

CCF Accomplishments
International Accomplishments:
• Taught in Jamaica, Barbados, WI
• Assisted with the Wu Shu Kwan (WSK) world record board breaking effort in London, England.
• Assistant instructor /trainer in WSK original competition in 1970/80’s.
• 1 of 3 Founder members of WSK
Technical Committee

North America Accomplishments:
Canada: WSK Senior Canadian Instructor and Examiner:
In 1981 Sifu became the first Chinese Martial Arts instructor and organization to partner with the North York, Parks & Recreation Dept in Toronto Canada. Over the years he provided programming in and to, a long list of their community members, as follows:
• Driftwood, CC
• Northwood, CC
• Lawrence Heights, CC
• Falstaff, CC
• Flemingdon, CC
• Peanut Plaza, CC
• Armour Heights, CC
• Cummer Park, CC.
• O’Connor CC and others.

He established partnerships with the North York Board of Education and provided After-School Martial Arts programs and workshops in numerous schools in the Borough of North York, Ontario, Canada.

He also delivered Martial Arts programming in several locations in Scarborough, Ontario Canada:
• Scarborough Village R.C.
• L'Amoreaux Community Recreation Center

He established programming at York University, Toronto, Canada.
In his capacity of Canadian Senior Instructor and Examiner he instructed and promoted students in Edmonton, Alberta, Western Canada

USA Accomplishments:
• The YMCA, Hartford, CT
• The Center Studio, West Hartford, CT
• Elmwood, West Hartford, CT
• Newington, CT.
• HAC Hoboken, NJ
Classes established recently in Rockland County, New York, with classes set to begin at the Rockland CC, Nanuet, NY in Jan 2010.

Sifu was recently approached by the CEO of one of the leading international Hip-Hop Entertainment organizations to provide self defense training to their current members and family nationally and to consult with them to explore the feasibility of entering the lucrative MMA business. This is a work in progress.

Chang Ch’uan Fa In Summary:
Sifu Small’s Chang Ch’uan Fa organization has developed a tried and tested model for partnering with various communities and not for profit groups/organizations in order to offer his unique brand of martial arts for the enrichment and enjoyment of their members and other facility users. This approach has proven successful both in the US and Canada and will continue as the system grows both inter-continentally and ultimately internationally.

We are a very large family of enthusiastic, honest and friendly members, practicing an effective martial art in the pursuit of total fitness and the ultimate self-defense. Our organization is International with global affiliates. . Chang Ch’uan Fa is a total system of fitness and self-defense of training with no equal.

The Chang Ch'uan Fa (CCF)
Teachings & Philosophy”

Chang Ch'uan Fa is a style of martial arts practiced for fitness,
self-discipline, and most importantly practical self-defense, aimed at
developing the ultimate "life-force (commonly known as "Chi")

Ch'uan Fa (Chinese Fist Art): derived from the oldest name used by Chinese
to describe the systematic self-defense art of China "Ch'uan Shu".

The "Chang Ch'uan Fa" Tenets or Philosophy: Aims to promote the (11)
principles/ qualities in our students. In doing so, will promote a fuller,
happier and healthier life for all participants, through proven scientific
mental and physical training methods.

Chang Ch'uan Fa Tenets
1. Peacefulness
2. Loyalty
3. Duty
4. Endurance
5. Courage
6. Self Reliance
7. Focus
8. Determination
9. Honesty
10. Strength
11. Self-discipline



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