Message from our founder:
Sr. Master Sifu Wentworth Small
I wish you all Seasons Greeting and a very Happy & Prosperous New Year and a warm welcome to Chang Ch’uan FA/Long Fist Boxing. We look forward to a year of success for the organization and its members.

2010 Goals & Objectives
We have set ourselves some very exciting goals & objectives for the coming year. Several of our participants are poised to become official members of the organization & sit for their first promotional test. We are equally excited that several of our existing senior members will also sit for promotional test this year. In March 2008 we promoted our first female member to the coveted the Black Belt level. In the upcoming year 2 of our senior Black Belts will attempt to grade/test for the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt, while several others of our Canadian members will test for the Rank of 1st Degree Black Belt. It is my hope & expectation that all current & future members will take the path to obtain the coveted Black Belt. It is our intention to put together a demonstration team to represent Chang Ch’uan FA/Long Fist Boxing at future tournaments and other events. It is also my hope that we can put together a tournament team of interested members who would compete at these tournaments/events both in Canada & the US.

Some of the Highlights from 2009 as follows;
• Sifu Wentworth has now become a full time Martial Arts instructor
• We have established classes at the Ramapo Athletic Training Center (RATC),  in Rockland, NY
• At the Northwood Community Center in Toronto, CCF is considering the roll out a new program in the future.
• CCF has agreed to roll out an initial 8 week Self Defense program at the Nanuet, Jewish Community Center - JCC Rockland, NY, classes are
scheduled to begin in Jan 2010.
• CCF instructor Kai Camara continues to recruit and promote new members.
• We are actively seeking parental Involvement. We are looking for parents to volunteers and serve  on parent committee)
• Two well respected experienced, NY, Black Belts Mark Shustak 2nd Degree & Stan Alpert 1st Degree Black Belt have now joined CCF. They retain their ranking
• Regrettably after several years we have mutually agreed to sever our relationship with the Lawrence Heights Community Center, Toronto.  

We intend to build on these past successes during the coming year.
In closing please considers the following:

• Chang Ch'uan Fa is a community based, diverse & family oriented organization
• Our mission is to better the community by developing the human potential of every man, woman and child through the practice of the martial arts
• We currently partner & served the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto Canada CT, USA for over twenty seven years.
• We continue our commitment to provide high quality and high value Martial Arts programming in your community We appreciate & value your support and participation

Together let’s make 2010 great for Chang Ch’uan Fa, its members and supporters. I wish to thank-you all for your ongoing support. I wish all wealth, harmony, prosperity & wisdom in 2010

“Kicking it Old School”
I was going through some pictures and came across this picture of Wentworth
flying through air "back in the day". The concept of kicking it old school came to mind. The glory days of "Hip Hop" with it's high ideals now far forgotten in the persuit of "fat stacks".

I want us to look at this picture and focus on what we can be. Instead of spittin lyrics that flow with knowledge in the cipher, we can learn our craft the best we can so we can teach it to our students undiluted. The old school will pass from this generation to the next. So all the arts of our Hip Hop will be represented. In our case the basics (techniques), forms (classic), practical (sparring).

We look to the future for progress but draw from the past for inspiration as we move forward. I hope these (words) offer you some insight as you move on your journey to go as close as possible to perfection. Feel free to explore the site, you might find information that helps you or inspires you. I'm out for now so stop by often for updates. Peace!

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Congratulations to Ms. Jacquie Egan pictured here doing her breaking. After years away she has returned and performed brilliantly... READ MORE>>

North Wood C. C.
Opportunities will be opened
up for us again at North Woods
Community Center in the future with the return of Patrick...


Ruff Ryde - Ahead...
This might sound odd because
we do martial arts, not music.
CCF has been approached by approached by a leading
Hip-Hop organization in the

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