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Congratulations Jacquie
Congratulations are in order for Ms. Jacqueline Egan, (pictured here doing her devastating board breaking side kick). After years away Jacquie, mother of two and fulltime elementary school teacher has returned and performed brilliantly on her recent black belt grading test. Years ago she was well on her way to getting her black belt but took time out to have her son, NsihRakhi Nukhem. She naturally needed this time to focus on the responsibilities of motherhood. Once again longing for challenges and benefits of martial arts she returned. She trained hard to get back in shape even though re-learning the skills was at times both demanding and challenging but enjoyable and fulfilling.

She succeeded and we are all proud and happy for her. Her outstanding performance is a milestone for her husband Kai Camara who is also her instructor. He has 10 years of martial arts instruction, and is a teacher educator for 25 years with a Masters of science degree in Education, foundations and in teaching. He also has a Bachelors degree in social work and is a father of 2 children. Jacquie is his first black belt student and CCF’s first Toronto, Canada female black belt. She is an inspiration to all of our current and future female students. We are happy for them both and look forward to their son becoming a black belt years from now. His son NsihRakhi Nukhem is also his students

Statement from Jacquie
Many thanks to my instructor, Kai, who continually supports and encourages my growth by presenting me with opportunities to move beyond my comfort zone, thereby allowing me to experience the fullness of my potential. My success and person experiences in martials arts has been useful in so many other areas of my life. It is one of several critical ways that my whole family works at balancing the life force (Ra, Chi, Kundalini), and maintaining a sense of peace and harmony through all of life's challenges.
Jacqueline Egan

Back in the Wood

Opportunities will once again be opened up in the future for Chang Ch’uan Fa at North Woods Community Center, with the return of Patrick Brown the Community Coordinator with whom we have had a long standing relationship. Sifu Small and instructor Kai Camara met with Patrick, he was very helpful. He agreed to partnering with CCF to institute a community based martial arts program that both parties agree would be beneficial to the community. They get an enjoyable martial arts program and CCF gets students ready and eager to learn the CCF system of martial art.

Kai will be starting classes at Northwoods CC, in Jan 2010. He will be offering a beginners program to both teens and preteens. The long term goal is to advance all of the participants into a “belt program” leading them ultimately to the coveted black belt and beyond. We wish Kai all the best and are happy to be back in the woods, and wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to Patrick for his ongoing support.



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